Thank you for your interest in my work. I am currently accepting commissions for custom  artwork based upon medieval scribal traditions. For examples of my illuminated manuscripts, which combine medieval and contemporary techniques and materials, please see my Gallery page. In the near future, this form will be active— in the meantime, please email me for questions or orders.



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Please bear in mind that illumination styles often dictate a particular hand.

Writing Surface


Gold leaf was by far the most common metal used for gilding. Silver leaf has a tendency to tarnish over time; palladium is a slightly warmer substitute for it, and aluminum leafing is a less expensive alternative. Also bear in mind that some illumination styles use more or less gilding.


I make all my paints from dry pigments, using glair or egg yolk as a binder. Some authentic pigments, such as those ground from semi-precious gems, are difficult to make and expensive to purchase, but have qualities impossible to duplicate with modern equivalents.

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