Click on objects in the photo to learn more about how I used them in the project.

Gesso Supplies: Here are the basic supplies I used to make gesso, a plaster-based size for raised gilding. From left to right:

a.) Honey, a humectant that adds moisture to the mix and helps make the gesso slightly sticky and flexible. Top.

b.) An empty spice jar, soon to contain hide glue. Top.

c.) Venetian red pigment, an earth tone that I substituted for Armenian bole out of necessity. This will add color to the otherwise white gesso, making it more visible after drying. Top.

d.) Empty film canister, soon to hold mixture of dry ingredients left over. Top.

e.) Rabbit skin glue grains. I dissolved these in a 1:14 ratio with distilled water. They only needed a slight heating in a double boiler (never boil hide glue) and stirring before the mix dissolved into solution. I poured it off into the container and allowed it to gel in the refrigerator after use. Top.

f.) Bologna chalk, or calcium carbonate sulfate. The inert filler that made up the bulk of my gesso, I bought this rather than slaking my own plaster due to time constraints. Top.

g.) Mortar and pestle, where I ground up the ingredients for about an hour total. Top.